What Exactly is Synergy?

An old saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, expresses the basic
meaning of synergy.



We are convinced that we have stumbled upon an interesting and delicious fact about coffee. When you

are able to roast and enjoy all of the various good quality beans harvested in a specific crop, the flavor is
somehow enhanced and enriched.
We discovered this by accident. For three years our introduction and only source of Kenya coffee was
through our son who purchased directly from the farm and in the semi finished state known as “in
parchment”. In this stage, the coffee still has a papery outer husk and has not yet been graded by size
and weight as is done prior to export. We would clean off the parchment, pick out any “bad” beans, roast
and enjoy amazing coffee.
When we imported the entire crop from the same farmers, we received it all cleaned and graded. As we
sampled each delicious grade, we wondered what it would be like to “re-mix” the grades proportionately
and sample it as we had always known it. Synergy was born! We noticed that there is just a special
something about enjoying the entire crop just as it had been harvested. Each grade has it’s own special
attributes, but there is an additional something that comes with Synergy. Give it a try and see.

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