God Put You in my Path

“God put you in my path” Abu

One of my favorite movies is a Heath Ledger film “The Four Feathers”. That may surprise you, but it is full of such wonderful character qualities and truth. By far my favorite element in the movie is the evolving friendship between Harry, a young English officer (Heath Ledger) and Abu, an African Muslim (Djimon Hounsou). Abu has no reason to care about Harry other than that, as he tells Harry, “God put you in my path”. For this reason, Abu is committed to helping Harry, even going as far as risking his own life for him. The friendship that develops between these two unlikely strangers is beautiful.

So what does this have to do with One Ounce Coffee? Actually quite a bit. I truly beieve that God does “put people in our path” so that we may help one another. And sometimes some very unlikely strangers become very good friends.

We had no idea that we would ever cross paths with Kenyan coffee farmers from the most remote coffee growing region in Kenya, but we did. I also believe that when you can in some way help someone grow and thrive, and God puts them in your path, you should “do what you can” to help. “Doing what we can” is not only our motto, but our motivation. As long as we can help our friends in the Kiplal Coffee Cooperative to grow and thrive, we will.

We hope that if you find us “in your path”, you will feel the urge to join us!

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