Doing what we can, beginning in Kenya

Our Mission

To share premium Kenyan coffee with U.S. consumers, and use the proceeds to provide educational, vocational, and medical services to at risk women, children, and farmers in Kenya.

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A world without trafficking


One Ounce Coffee is dedicated to helping communities develop their local resources to provide education and opportunity for future generations. Our goal is to prevent the loss of human potential to sex trafficking and the drug trade by providing the tools of economic development, and being a catalyst for change.

Origins of One Ounce

In 2012, we sat down to dinner with a friend and began a conversation that would change everything.  He told us about his work as a pastor and his endeavors to serve orphans in Nairobi, Kenya.

He and his wife have been working tirelessly to help Kenya's children develop to their fullest potential and live productive lives. Without opportunity, and with little hope, many of these children enter into lives of slavery in the sex trade and the drug trade. The evening ended with an invitation to “come and see” what they were doing and hoped to do in the future.

In June of 2013, we did just that.

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Want to get involved?

Make an impact in the lives of Kenyan children simply by enjoying premium coffee, or go bigger and partner with us.

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    Tenwek Clinic

    Provide a wheelchair and medical equipment for a child in need.

  • young-lady-sewing-one-ounce-coffee-600x400

    Threads of Hope

    Sponsor opportunity through vocational training for at-risk women.

  • Children-receive-scholarships-one-ounce-coffee-600x400

    Operation One Ounce

    Give the gift of education to a farming child.

Share the opportunity to change lives with friends and loved ones.

Weaver Bird

An old African folk tale tells of a small, yellow Weaver Bird heroically attempting to put out a raging forest fire by itself - one beakful of water at a time. When asked why he persisted in his seemingly futile attempt to fight the fire, he simply replied,


This is both our motto and mission, doing what we can for as many women, children, and farmers as possible - one ounce at a time.


We are building an international coffee community of coffee growers, processors, retailers, enthusiasts, and consumers. Together, the One Ounce Coffee community is dedicated to ensuring children are safe and can grow up free from sex trafficking and drug trafficking so that they reach their full potential.

You are an integral part of Doing What We Can. Join the community & share hope.