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Brew a cup of your favorite One Ounce Coffee to sip while reading up on the impact your support
has in the lives of women, children, and farming communities in Kenya.

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God Put You in my Path

There are so many people and so many causes to do you choose?
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What Exactly is Synergy?

An old saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, expresses the basic meaning of synergy.     We are convinced that we have stumbled upon an interesting and delicious fact about coffee. When you are able to roast and enjoy all of the various good quality beans harvested in a specific ... Read more
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The Weaver Bird

What does an obscure bird have to do with Kenya Coffee Beans? We sat in the office of the marketing manager of the Meru Coffee Union explaining to him our vision of creating a coffee business using Kenya coffee to provide education and medical assistance to Kenya’s many orphans and needy children. We explained to ... Read more
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Origin of One Ounce Coffee

Our story begins in 2012 with a dinner conversation with a pastor friend of ours discussing his work with the orphans in Nairobi, Kenya. He and his wife have been working tirelessly to help Kenya’s children develop to their fullest potential and live productive lives. Without opportunity, and with little hope, many of these children ... Read more
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Scholarships for Children

One Ounce Coffee funds scholarships through contributions to Operation One Ounce. Farmer’s children are awarded scholarships to help pay for the school fees which are often the single largest expense a Kenyan family faces. The farmers choose the children who have shown diligence in their studies and whose families have exceptional need.
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Tenwek Special Needs Clinic

One Ounce Coffee provides care to children in Kenya by supporting Tenwek Special Needs Clinic.  Services provided by the Tenwek Special Needs Clinic make it possible for children to attend school through the use of proper adaptive equipment.   Solomon Rop, the driving force behind the Tenwek Hospital Special Needs Clinic, is shown here with a ... Read more
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