Kiplal Select

Kiplal Select


ripe citrus • hints of chocolate
medium-light roast Kenya Coffee



A light, effervescent body with herbal notes up front and bright berries and citrus on the finish.

Our Kiplal Select Kenyan coffee beans are the cream of the crop from the Kiplal Farmers Co-op. We have a close ongoing relationship with these farmers in the little-known area of Kericho County and they are working hard to improve their crop every year.

Product Details
Kiplal Select Kenya Coffee
Origin: Kericho County
Milling Process: Wet processed, Sun-dried
Tasting notes: ripe citrus, hints of chocolate
Roast: medium-light

One Ounce Coffee supports educational, vocational, and medical services to at-risk women, children, and farmers in Kenya. With every sale of Kenya coffee beans 25% of the proceeds are donated to benefit these projects in Kenya.
One Ounce Coffee is committed to fair trade and farmer satisfied prices when sourcing our premium coffee. We deal directly with farmers to help them develop their farms.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions3 × 4 × 7 in


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