Kiplal Synergy

Kiplal Synergy


citrus • brown sugar • cocoa
medium roast Kenya Coffee



Our first introduction to Kenya coffee was straight from the Kiplal farm, and still in parchment, all grades included. We cleaned it, roasted it and fell in love. This is as close as it gets to that direct from the farm mix. We only remove the defective beans and roast the “whole crop” together, just the way nature grows it. We think you will fall in love, just as we did! By purchasing the entire crop, we ensure that the farmers get a fair price for all their labor.

Product Details
Kiplal Synergy Kenya Coffee
Origin: Kericho County
Milling Process: Wet processed, Sun-dried
Tasting notes: citrus, brown sugar, cocoa
Roast: medium

One Ounce Coffee supports educational, vocational, and medical services to at-risk women, children, and farmers in Kenya. With every sale of Kenya coffee beans 25% of the proceeds are donated to benefit these projects in Kenya.
One Ounce Coffee is committed to fair trade and farmer satisfied prices when sourcing our premium coffee. We deal directly with farmers to help them develop their farms.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions3 × 4 × 7 in


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