Smooth Sailing FTO

Smooth Sailing FTO


walnuts • licorice • ripe figs
multi-roast coffee



The holy trinity of our Colombian Supremo roast, Smooth Sailing is coffee as God intended it. Multiple roast levels are blended together to produce an earthy taste with notes of wood and nuts complementing a robust yet smooth body.

This blend is a fair trade, organic, single origin coffee that is roasted in batches to multiple roast levels and blended post-roast to deliver the best characteristics of each roast on a single cup.

Product Details
Smooth Sailing FTO Coffee
Tasting notes: walnuts, licorice, ripe figs
Roast: post roast blend, multiple roast levels
Certified: Fair Trade & Organic (FTO)

One Ounce Coffee supports educational, vocational, and medical services to at-risk women, children, and farmers in Kenya. With every sale of our artfully blended coffee beans 10% of the proceeds are donated to benefit these projects in Kenya.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions3 × 4 × 7 in


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