Tal’s Treat

Tal’s Treat


cocoa • smoky • bittersweet
dark roast coffee



An old timer who relishes a strong, dark roast, our friend Tal drinks his coffee black as night and burnt to perfection. Living in a town where the only roaster around perpetually charred their product naturally fostered Tal’s affinity for the darker roasts. We don’t burn our beans, but when we pulled our first shots of this brunette beauty we knew we had found a treat for Tal. It’s a world tour of coffee in a deep dark roast.

Product Details
Tal’s Treat Dark Roast Coffee
Tasting notes: Cocoa, smoky, bittersweet
Roast: dark

One Ounce Coffee supports educational, vocational, and medical services to at-risk women, children, and farmers in Kenya. With every sale of our artfully blended coffee beans 10% of the proceeds are donated to benefit these projects in Kenya.

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions3 × 4 × 7 in


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